Kanga Trampolines

Kanga Hi-Power 15ft trampoline
Kanga Hi-Power 15ft trampoline

Kanga trampolines place a firm emphasis on the safety of their products for users of all ages. With a wide range of sizes available you’re sure to find the right trampoline, suited to the age of the users and the size of your garden.

Kanga trampolines come in standard and Hi-Power collections, which come in circular form and are available in four different sizes. With 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft trampolines available in each range, these trampolines are all great for users of different weights and ages, as they are all strong enough to bear weights of up to 19 stone. Kanga trampolines are all really reasonably priced. Every model is different in terms not just of size but of exact specification, and these factors determine the price of each package.  The performance of each trampoline is affected by the number of springs used, with the standard range featuring fewer springs than the Hi-Power category. The fewer the springs used, the less taut the jumping area so the standard range is generally the best choice for lighter jumpers, who may struggle to obtain a satisfying ‘bounce’ from tighter jump mats.

The Hi-Power trampolines, on the other hand, provide a far better response for heavier jumpers as with more springs comes more scope for ‘bounce’! So in a nutshell, the standard range provides great trampolines for young jumpers, but if you are looking for a good all-round trampoline to suit a more varied age range, you should probably choose the Hi-Power version. Kanga trampolines are built to a very high specification, with durable polypropylene jumping areas which are resistant to UV damage and hold their shape impressively over long periods of time; safety padding around the jumping area to protect from accidental injury; high-strength springs which are held in place with heavy-duty stitching; and a tough yet lightweight and flexible steel frame.

All Kanga trampolines bought on our recommendation come with a manufacturer’s warranty and free next day delivery; ladder, weatherproof cover and spring tensioning tool; and a net safety enclosure as standard. To further fire young imaginations, you can also accessorise your Kanga trampoline with the Kanga trampoline tent, a collapsible hideaway which can be affixed to all Kanga round trampolines.